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Hello, nice that you are here on the page of my game What a mess.
About this project
This is my very first game. So it is very small and not too good.
 But it certainly works and I am very proud of it. This is also just a prototype, hence the small size of the game.
 Maybe I will return to this project later.
But at least if you have played the game or if you are going to play it.
 Have fun and leave a comment if you have a bug or feedback.

Install instructions

Click on the download button. :)


What a mess!.zip 18 MB


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Hi, so i tried to play the game and windows wouldn't let me. Said something about not having the right permissions. So i'd recommend replacing that exe file with the built version of the game. Idk if u used unity or not but i thing every game engine has something like "export game" or, like unity, build game. Cheers! 

Edit: Bitdefender also detected that exe file. May be a false positive but no one is gonna risk they're pc, so chances are most wouldn't even open it.

yes .... sorry its my first game on itch so i uploaded to wrong files XD i go replace it right now":)

it should work now

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